Warrior in Bronze (Agamemnon Book 1)

Warrior in Bronze (Agamemnon Book 1)

George Shipway

Language: English

Pages: 288


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the bestselling author of Imperial Governor, Knight in Anarchy and The Paladin

The young Agamemnon has grown up in the household of Atreus, Marshal of Mycenae, whom he believes to be his father. He learns that he is eventually succeed to the throne of Mycenae, but before this he must learn the arts of war and the ruthless politics of Greece

in the Heroic Age.


“Splendidly successful…the details are distinct and convincing, the motivations skilfully developed, the action exciting.” Northern Echo

“Alongside the late C. S. Forester as a descriptive writer.” Evening Standard

“A natural writer with superlative powers” Sunday Express

Kirkus review “The old heady stuff of scholars and poets in an easy-open container.”


George Frederick Morgan Shipway was born in 1908 in India and was educated at Clifton. He then attended the Royal Military College, Sandhurst and was commissioned into the Indian Army in 1928. He was attached to the 2nd Battalion The Prince of Wales’s Volunteers (South Lancashire), for one year. After his year Shipway was posted to the 13th Duke of Connaught's Own Lancers. He spent two years (1936-1938) as Adjutant of the Mekran Levy Corps. In 1940-41 he became a General Staff Officer, at General Headquarters, India. He remained on the staff until 1944 when he was posted to serve with the Hyderabad Lancers.

Shipway retired as a Major and honorary Lieutenant-Colonel in 1948, following Indian independence. After retiring he became a teacher at Cheam School in Berkshire before becoming a novelist at the age of 60.

His first novel Imperial Governor brought him immediate success and recognition as an author of historical fiction of the highest order. His other works include the bestselling Knight in Anarchy and The Chilean Club.

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Corinth, who closed the gates and declared the city independent. Thyestes mustered a Host; after a perfunctory siege the garrison rebelled against the Warden and surrendered. Thyestes castrated Bunus, plunged red-hot rods in his eyes and roasted him slowly to death on a spit. While such episodes made me angry they were of no con­sequence to Tyndareus, until a result of the change in My­cenae's rule transformed indifference into fury. A cursory mes­sage announced abrogation of the compact for

swelled by trash that spewed from the town and har­bour. I waited at the place of execution, and gazed across the sea. The day was sultry, breathless; from horizon to horizon clouds blanketed the heavens. Thunder muttered remotely, flashes sheared the skyline. A grey and oily sea breathed out sluggish surges which broke in splatters of foam at the foot of the cliff. Gulls spiralled across the surface like snowflakes flur­ried by wind. Just below a watch-tower perched on the summit an ancient

precipices split the foliage like waterfalls of rock. Arrows of sunlight pierced the clouds, slashed transient gilded scars on a grey-green sea. Atreus moved his chariot four horses' lengths ahead; every Hero from wing to wing could see him. A sun-ray gleamed on his armour and bathed him in fleeting fire. I shifted my shield a fraction and rubbed my feet on the webbing. Talthybius poised his whip and shortened reins. Atreus looked to right and left, and lifted his spear. When the point swooped

suspicion. Yet, as Menelaus observed, trick­ing a man to eat his son went much beyond the odds. The tale resounded through the land and echoed with embel­lishments from Thessaly to Crete. Even now, years after, nursemaids tame fractious children by the threat 'Atreus will feed you to Thyestes' - though both are dead. Bards avoid the subject - it reflects no credit on Heroes. Gentlemen in Mycenae walked tiptoe, fearful of offending a king who wreaked such terrible vengeance. In general they

accounts, I'm told, by scratching notches on sticks.' 'Most interesting.' I stood and patted Gelon's shoulder. 'You've managed the Spartan contract very efficiently. I shall tell Tyndareus Mycenae accepts his terms, and conclude the formal alliance King Atreus desires. Draw the documents ac­cordingly.' The Spartan Council raised no objections - Councillors sel­dom oppose a king's apparent will. A feast in the palace Hall celebrated the compact. I took ceremonious farewell of Tyn­dareus and his

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