James Holland

Language: English

Pages: 340

ISBN: 0552773999

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jack Tanner's war takes him to the treacherous sands of the North African desert.

August, 1942. North Africa. The desert war hangs in the balance. Although their retreat has finally been halted, morale in the British Army is at rock bottom. When the commander of the Eighth Army, General Gott, is killed, it seems that foul play is at work. An impenetrable Axis spy circuit could be compromising any hope the Allies have of stemming the Nazi tide.

Jack Tanner, recovering from wounds in a Cairo hospital, is astonished to receive a battlefield commission which will propel him into a very different world when he returns to action. Fit once more, he finds himself facing the full onslaught of Rommel's latest offensive.

In its aftermath, Tanner and his trusty sidekick Sykes are recruited to work behind the Axis lines in a desperate attempt to take the fight to the Nazis. But the murky world of subterfuge, deceit and murder they find themselves a million miles away from the certainties of the battlefield and somehow they must discover who they can trust in the cat-and-mouse world of counter-espionage.

Hellfire sees Tanner fighting his way through his most dangerous adventure yet -- one that takes him from the dark backstreets of Cairo to the open Mediterranean and finally to one of the decisive clashes of the entire war -- the Battle of Alamein.

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station building. He wondered what would happen to them – buried somewhere out in the desert, he supposed, shallow graves that would soon be picked apart by scavenging birds and animals. In a few weeks they’d be nothing but bones. He shook his head, and went back to the compartment where Tanja still sat opposite the unconscious Eslem Mustafa. He could still barely believe she was there. And to think she’d pistol-whipped Mustafa! The man who’d refused to lie down had been finally knocked cold by

conclusive, RJ,’ added Vaughan. ‘There can be no doubt.’ ‘It’s Maddox,’ said Tanner. ‘Paddy?’ Maunsell said, an incredulous expression on his face. ‘You think Paddy Maddox is Orca?’ ‘I know he is. And there’s also the death of Eslem Mustafa. As soon as Alex told me what had happened, I wondered who had seen him in his cell that day. A hidden piece of glass – I’d put good money on it that Maddox brought that in and killed him himself.’ Maunsell frowned. ‘Paddy was the last person to see him

windows, ensuring the light was dim. There were six beds, three on each side, although only four were being used. A nurse was tending one of the men, cleaning his arm. Another was coughing, then cried out in pain. ‘It’s all right,’ said Captain Richoux, to the other nurse. ‘I’ll see to it.’ She picked up a glass of water and put the straw to the man’s lips. Vaughan was dismayed. All four men were badly burned, their wounds largely left unbandaged and glistening. A fan turned slowly above, while

his eyes on her as she crossed Opera Square and headed on down Sharia Abdin. He was getting closer, although she was still some way ahead of him, but from her walk he was certain it was Tanja. He wondered where she was going – certainly, it was a long way round to take to her flat. Oh, well, he thought, glad to have spotted her. A piece of serendipity. Then, suddenly, she turned off down a narrow street. Where the hell are you going, Tanja? A network of narrow streets in the old Islamic part of

we’ll go and look for it.’ They found it more easily than Tanner had imagined. They soon found a route through the Munassib and into the deir, and half a mile beyond that they saw it, tucked into the escarpment. It was a four-wheel drive truck. ‘A Phänomen Granit,’ Brown told them, ‘ton and a half, fifty horse-power.’ He jumped out and wandered around it. ‘Fitted with desert tyres too. Nice piece of kit, that.’ ‘Good,’ said Tanner. ‘Let’s take it, then. We can find out what’s in it when it gets

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